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Counseling Resources for Staff Members

This page is designated for Synergy staff members ONLY. 
Thank you for getting in contact with SQA Counseling Department and sharing your concern regarding a student. In order for the Counselors to better support you and the student it is important to gather some background information.
Please fill out the appropriate form.
The counselor assign will get in contact with you shortly.
Thank you for your collaboration,
SQA Counseling Department

If a student mentions that they are going to hurt themselves or someone else, please get in contact with a Counselor IMMEDIATELY so a risk assessment can be conducted. DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM!

If a student mentions a serious concern (ie. death in the family, witnessed a death, etc) After a critical incident, some students may need extra support and counseling services. In order to effectively provide services to all students, crisis counselors will summons students from this list. Complete the form below and provide as much information as possible in the comment sections, such as:
  • They have witnessed community violence involving death or serious injury
  • They had a close relationship with the teacher/staff member
  • They have experienced a recent loss of family/friend

Notice a change in behavior or if a student discloses a concern. If you notice any of the following signs from a student, submit this form.

  • Drastic changes in peer engagement
  • Constant fatigue (sleeping in class/head down)
  • Withdrawn from activities once passionate about 
  • Change in mood
  • Hygiene (physical appearance)

Noticed a change in student’s academic process: 

  • Not turning in assignments 
  • Low test scores 
  • Not attending recommended tutoring/office hours 
  • Failing a class(es)
  • Lack of motivation/disengaged from teacher/peers
  • Lack of etiquette in Zoom sessions (Individual Student or Whole Class) 
  • Teacher/Student Mediation